Control Dynamic Pars Co. provides training courses (in elementary, intermediate and advance levels) to specialize and improve technical and practical abilities of engineers and users by experienced trainers.

Below is the syllabus of our training courses:

ABB Soft starter:

Elementary course: Selecting, estimation, commissioning of PSS and PSR group and Comparison test of the with digital soft starter.
Advance course: Selecting, estimation, programming and commissioning of PST and PSTB group, testing, trouble shooting.

ABB Drive:

Elementary course: An introduction to different ABB drives series, selecting, checking power and currency of drives base on related charts, selecting options and explanation of technical catalogue.
Intermediate course: Checking input and output of drives, commissioning.
Wiring of control and power, testing similar parameters of drives and standard programs for normal or standard applications.
Advance course: Checking hardware manual, user manuals, explaining parameters, advance programming of drives, common options (digital I/O.
Analog I/O, filter, input-output-encoder), troubleshooting.